Welcome to JoyousJournies  ~~A sacred place in Northern New Mexico
 for personal growth, physical & emotional healing, spiritual awakening, and most important, a place to find joy in all of life’s lessons.  We do this through many modalities, some which have been carefully studied and practiced, such as Reiki, trauma release and meditation. And some come from natural gifts of intuition, shamanism and animal communication.

What We Offer ~~ Whether you are new on the spiritual path, or have been studying for years, we can encourage, assist, coach, teach. And if you are ready to begin a self-healing journey to finally release your physical or emotional pain…  we’re here


WendyCloseupHi. I’m Wendy Jordan, Reiki practitioner, Master Teacher and author.  My journey into Reiki began in Chicago, where I taught Reiki classes, saw clients, wrote Reiki articles and volunteered in hospice and animal shelters. A decade later, I decided to expand the journey by moving to Santa Fe to study other modalities, write my book, “Embracing the End-of-Life Journey” and awaken my soul by living in a more natural environment.


And I’m Roger Ayres, an award-winning horse
trainer & whisperer, shaman and intuitive healer. My spiritual journey started when I was a little boy, realizing I could see energy and auras, had natural healing abilities, and could communicate with animals! Today I use my intuitive abilities for healing, teaching and personal coaching.

We compliment each others’ work!  Spirit speaks to us in different ways, yet we always come to the same point of Truth.  Our clients and students benefit from a combination of modalities, approaches and awarenesses.

Healing TentIn 2013 we decided to establish a peaceful healing environment in the mountains, surrounded by the tall pines, songbirds and ravens. Along with standard Reiki treatments, we now offer a unique treatment where
Roger begins with intuitive reading, to see where traumas of the past still create holding patterns of pain or illness, and together we clear and re-balance the energy. Our method combines science and spirituality.

We’re also offering some new classes in the areas of discovering your angels and spirit guides, and classes for caregivers or those interested in end-of-life Reiki.  Please look around the website, read our monthly blog, and see what we have to offer! And if you don’t see the class you’re looking for… give us a call.  We’ll schedule it for you.


         “I have received Reiki treatments from Wendy for several years, and have worked with Roger since they began working together. They have facilitated my healing journey with sensitivity and clarity. Being able to release the trauma patterns from my body and exchange unhealthy patterns for healthy ones is a beautiful gift that has allowed me to heal and has also had a positive impact on all those with whom I interact. It has helped me become a better mother, wife, and teacher. I have learned to move from the heart rather than the mind. ~    I have seen Roger and Wendy help those struggling with addiction, depression and suicidal tendencies. They lead you so that you may find your own way rather than tell you what they see or what choices might benefit you or harm you. In this way you are empowered to bring positive change into your own life.  ~ I visit them if I simply need grounding and reconnecting on a spiritual level. I also see them if I feel that I am struggling with a difficult change in my own life regarding past abuse or current challenges. Having Roger and Wendy in my life as guides whom I can completely trust and embrace, and to whom I can open both my heart and mind has led to immeasurable growth and beauty.”  Aiyana Pendleton Santa Fe, 2016