Crystal Vibration for Healing

Understanding Crystal Vibration for Self-healing

crystal)Did you ever wonder why crystals “speak” to you, or why crystals feel differently to different people? Did you know that some crystals can balance your chakras, while others help to remove stuck energy?  More importantly, certain crystals will resonate with your particular energetic vibration, and these can be used as personal healing crystal. Whether or not you already use crystals in your healing technique, Roger will explain the how’s and why’s of crystals & minerals, and teach about a new way of choosing a personal healing crystal  and then charge it with your energy to use as a personal healing tool. Some energy training is required, either Reiki II or the equivalent.


I took a crystal class with Roger a couple of years ago. His insights and ability to lead you down the path so that you can find your own answers is extremely helpful and empowering. I learned a lot about how crystals can be used to supplement and augment Reiki treatments. It was a great class!  Steven Burrell  Santa Fe