Master Class


Teaching the Reiki Master class, and giving Master Attunements is my absolute favorite part of Reiki!  I come from a traditional Usui Reiki background, but my Master Training was somewhat
shamanic as well. Since I believe that Reiki opens people up to the entire world of “energy & spirit,” iIMG_2312_2n my Master class I offer much more than the traditional two days of learning the Master Symbol and doing some master exercises.   Master Class is learning to be a true healer. I don’t believe you can do that in a weekend.  My training included twelve sessions over a year, culminating in 3 days in Sedona with my Reiki Master Class.   I bring a similar technique to my classes…. and now include classes and meditations taught by Roger Ayers, a true shamanic healer and intuitive.

I teach a very comprehensive class.  I believe a Reiki Master should have a whole “toolkit” of healing understanding, so we explore many things.  I give 4 attunements so the Master Energy is slowly tranferred, rather than one big energy transfer.     And if you did not take Reiki I and II with me, first we will revisit your ‘hand’s on” technique and some of the basic “traditional” information.

You will learn to use the Master Symbol along with  exercises for your self-healing and divine purpose. I also include Advanced Reiki Symbols, (karmic, earth healing, compassionate love). We do advanced chakra healing work and learn intro into Labyrinth Attun 7journeying by creating a heart center to do your meditative work.
We also spend time on Angel Reiki, learn several techniques to set up Sacred Space, and take “field trips” in and around Santa Fe to help you to understand upshoot and downshoot vortices, and the energy of the Labyrinth.

Additionally, Roger teaches an intro to Shamanism and demonstrates how to use journey techniques to discover your shamanic animal guides and communicate with your spirit guides and animals.

P1020086I also feel that it is important for you to learn how to clear dark energies.  Reiki is so much more effective if you can identify and release those energies.  During Master Class, you will receive treatments and healing as well as learning by working on your classmates.  This is not just a class to learn techniques, this is a healing journey to help you accomplish your divine purpose on earth. And of course, 4 Master Attunements.


We will meet 5 times, usually once a month. This gives you time to assimilate what you’re learning, practice it and ask questions via email during the weeks between classes.  Reiki Master class is $1,250 ($250 per class).   I require a $100 to hold your spot and make your materials, which will be applied to your first class payment. Payments can be made monthly.


I took the Reiki master class with Wendy about two years ago. The class was excellent. I learned quite a bit that helped me use Reiki in a more powerful way. Roger was also in the class. Separately and together, they both brought a lot of insights in how to assess issues with clients and apply Reiki. This also applied to working on yourself as you move through the world. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in increasing your knowledge and application of Reiki.   They are both great teachers!  Steven Burrell  Santa Fe       Read More Testimonials Here