Reiki Level I

Beginning your Reiki Journey

The 1st Degree Reiki class is for people interested in learning about the universal life force energy and how it can relate to their own personal health and growth. In this class you will be “opened up” to the energy in a series of attunements that align your energy centers to bring the flow of energy directly into your body whenever it is desired. You will also learn energetic protection and get a better understanding of the human energy field.

Course Outline:

  • The history of Reiki and it’s founder Dr. Mikao Usui100_0321
  • Exercises to become aware of your own energy flow and sensitivities
  • How to scan yourself and others to sense areas of the body in need of healing
  • Meditation practices related to Reiki
  • Energetic protection to keep yourself free of other’s negative energies
  • The traditional Reiki hand positions for healing yourself and others
  • The Chakra system, or energy centers of the body that we work with in Reiki
  • Other uses for Reiki, ie: healing pets, energizing plants

Teaching Method:

I teach this class very similar to the way Reiki was passed on to me by my Reiki Master Michael Soto in what we call “Reiki and Beyond.” All of the traditional Usui method hand positions and theory is taught. Additional information about healing with Reiki that’s come forth in recent years, (especially regarding the Chakra system) is also included. We feel that this additional information is invaluable and should be taught along with traditional Reiki. The class also allows time for practice table work and time for sharing your thoughts or questions as we progress.

When are Classes Offered

Classes are taught in two full days, often on weekends,  or one evening a week for four weeks. Please click on the calendar to see when the classes are offered. If these do not fit your schedule, feel free to call or email me to discuss setting up a class that accommodates your schedule. Occasionally I teach private class or a class for a couple.


Reiki I costs $300, and includes a manual and a Level I Reiki Certification upon completion. A $50 non-refundable deposit is included and is required to hold your class space. For your convenience, I do take credit cards and you may pay for your class online.

I was lucky enough to start my Reiki journey with Wendy Jordan while she still lived in Illinois. Having completed Reiki I and II with her in the cooler climate of Chicago, I was thrilled when she offered me the chance to complete my Reiki Mastership at Ojo Caliente in New Mexico.  Never having been to the area, let alone the state, I had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be an amazing experience complete with a light dusting of snow while sitting in a warm natural spring. The location itself is magical. The hacienda had its own wood-burning fireplace to keep us cozy during the day as we practiced on each other, while gentle flurries cascaded outside. And then just like that – Poof! – it was sunny and warm again. Outside, we walked the labyrinth and explored sacred sites in the area, in addition to enjoying the various hot springs Ojo had to offer. Our attunements took on deeper meaning as we connected with the sacred earth all around us. Not only is Wendy a gifted Reiki Master Teacher, whose concern for her students is unmatched, she has become a wonderful friend.  Martina E. Faulkner, LMSW Author of 365 Moments of Grace, What if..? and InspireBytes™