Reiki Level II

Continuing Your Journey  

While the focus of Level I Reiki is physical healing for yourself, 2nd Degree Reiki moves into the areas of emotional and spiritual healing, and new techniques for working on others. The “sacred symbols” Dr. Usui used for healing are taught. Symbols are used for enhancing physical and outdoor class_2emotional healing, for distant healing and to balance the Chakra system. One must be attuned to Level II in person by a Reiki Master for the symbols to be activated and used efficiently. Level II certification is necessary to professionally practice Reiki on others.

Course OutlineReiKiT160247

  • Learn the Reiki Symbols
  • More exercises to increase your own energy flow and sensitivities
  • Additional energetic protection
  • Techniques for distant healing
  • Individual table practice for each student

Teaching Method & Prices

I prefer to keep class sizes small, teaching Reiki II to those who have had at least 21 days for their Reiki I attunements to “settle in.” Along with the traditional Usui method training, I have included some non-traditional Reiki information and techniques.  Classes are taught either in a weekend seminar, or one evening a week for four weeks. Please click on the calendar to see when the classes are offered. If these do not fit your schedule, feel free to call or email me to discuss setting up a class that accommodates your schedule. Private classes are available.  Reiki II costs $325, and includes a manual and a Level II Reiki Certification upon completion. A $50 non-refundable deposit included and is required to hold your class space.

“I took my first training with Wendy several years ago. She very quickly became “My Teacher.” A Reiki session with her is quite magical. She is a remarkable healer and instructor. Wendy uses hands-on and practical techniques while holding the spiritual in all she does. Roger is an astonishing intuitive. He has an understanding of healing and “seeing” that goes far beyond the here and now.    Together they are a dynamic team that is both caring and powerful”. Lee-Ann Meredith, Reiki Master Teacher, Author & Intuitive Reader of Akashic Records