End of Life Care


There are so many wonderful uses for Reiki healing…  but I never realized that End-of-Life Care would be one of the most profound gifts of healing, until I experienced it first hand.

First there was volunteering for hospice, then there were sessions with the parents of friends of mine who were dying. And then one beautiful day I was asked to do ReikCoveri for a woman I didn’t know, who wanted something more “spiritual.”  This opened up a new chapter in healing for me… one that involved family members all connecting thru Reiki to journey together to a place of spiritual healing.  Word spread, and I began “Reiki Journeying” with many clients wanting to connect with their aging or ill relatives.  Every instance was so different and so beautiful that eventually I put it all in a book.

By using Reiki techniques of hand positions, using the Reiki II symbols, and most important, learning to listen to the messages of Spirit, while doinIMG_2675g Reiki, wonderful, life-changing connections can be made.  My story of working with a baby who had a brain tumor was highlighted in Reiki News Magazine.

Can I still send  Reiki to a loved one who has already passed?   All beings with or without physical bodies, feel love and the feeling of being connected through of Reiki energy. And Reiki makes you more sensitive to feeling the guidance and continuing spiritual bond with your loved ones.

handsb&wCheck out the Reiki for Caregivers classes to learn more.