Roger’s Bio

Roger A. Ayres

Medical Intuitive, Shamanic Reiki Master
Teacher, Psychic and Animal Communicator

RogerWendy and I share the belief that every day should have quality time spent in pursuing the joyous journey of life. Sometimes the journey is hard but never does it stay that way.  It’s always evolving.  Lessons, messages, forgiveness, connection and gratitude… all steps on the journey to awakening and inner peace.

I have spent many years as a whisperer and communicator, always drawn to helping and training animals. Now I’m feeling the joy of helping people through both new training and my natural gifts from Spirit.

“It” is something I’ve always had. No matter what you call it. Earth Keeper, Wisdom Keeper, Shaman, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive or even Religious — a natural ability to hear the messages from my guardians. To meditate and act on what comes from Spirit.

From the beginning, seeing things differently was an understatement. As a child coloring I would draw auric fields that I saw around things, All things.  I thought everyone could see it!  I inherently knew what animals felt and were thinking. Their energy was apparent. I thought everyone else could feel that, too!  And I began my day, even as a small child, wrapped in a native blanket, watching the sunrise, listening to the messages of the spirits, the earth, the animals and my guides.

I obtained my Reiki Mastery certificates and attunements with Wendy Jordan and my Shamanic Mastery certification with Michael Soto. I’ve also studied and been attuned to the Munay Ki Rites, Two-Feather Native Energy and Star Energy.

I now enjoy great successes in helping people and animals, with physical and emotional ailments. I lead people on personal journeys. I help people to hear what their own bodies and guides are saying. As a medical intuitive I am able to see the energies around even the smallest parts of the body to help pinpoint problem areas. Then, working through Spirit, I help that person understand why it manifested in that way and help them to change the energy around it to a positive, healing force.

I have also joined Wendy in a unique healing treatment that combines the healing and balancing techniques of Reiki with intuitive and shamanic clearing and healing for body, mind, and spirit.