Reiki for Stress Relief

headache180142I have found Reiki to be one of the best ways to combat stress – and probably the number one reason why my clients come for Reiki treatments. We know that stress can affect you physically, resulting in muscle tightness, aches and pains, headaches, digestive disorders, low energy and many, many more symptoms. But stress also plays an important role in your emotional outlook, ranging from nervous to anxious, to depressed.

A Reiki treatment allows the body and mind to deeply relax.
When the body is relaxed, and I align the energy centers, the body has more capacity to self-heal and release negative energies it may be hanging on to. When the mind gets relaxed, it’s easier to let go of unwanted emotions, deal with difficult situations, think clearly and return to a more normal state of calmness.

Some people go into a “Reiki slumber” that is profoundly relaxing to both mind and body. But whether you sleep, cry, talk, laugh or observe your thoughts – Reiki is working to allow YOU to get the relief you need.

Learn Reiki for your Personal Stress Relief Program
Reiki offers you a way to learn to quiet yourself, do some meditative practices, use your own hands for healing physical conditions, and protect yourself from negative energies. It’s about spending a few minutes everyday to align yourself with who you are, what you want and where you are emotionally, physically and spiritually. And when you’ve set the intention to spend some time every day to “care” for yourself… you can’t help but notice lower stress levels.