Reiki for Animals

Wendy-horseBecause animals are so sensitive to energy, they usually only need a couple of minutes of Reiki applied to them directly to feel the full effect… and then they will get up and leave. But if an animal is sick or injured, they will remain longer… especially if the Reiki is relieving their pain! Older animals with arthritis or painful joints get much needed relief with regular energy treatments.

Broken or sprained limbs respond wonderfully to Reiki energy, as I discovered when my own dog Buster badly sprained his leg! After about 10 minutes of Reiki, he went from crying and not being able to put any weight on the leg, to being calm enough that I could wrap it and administer some busterPuppy150196homeopathic remedies. By the next day, he was putting weight on it, and the vet couldn’t believe how well he was doing. I was told it would be 2 weeks before he’d run on it. I gave him Reiki every day – and within a week, the bandage was off, swelling down, and he was off and running!

Roger adds so much to our work with animals because of his animal communication skills.  Although he spent many years as a professional Horsewhisperhorse trainer and whisperer, he can tap into any animal to see what the problem is.  So often animal allergies or behaviors are due to food issues, emotional conflict with other pets, or training issues with the owner.

All living things respond tAnimalReiki-chkno Reiki.