Reiki for Hospice

My Experience
When my own father died, (before I knew Reiki), I was frustrated that in his final days I could not do more for him. I wanted to embrace him, but that was painful for him. I wanted to talk about all sorts of things…but he was tired. I wanted to understand his fears, but did not understand what he was feeling. With Reiki I now see how you can embrace someone by sending them energy that feels as warm and calming as a hug….instead of talking you can do a guided meditation or join in silent meditation….and rather than just understanding their fears, you can bring calmness and serenity to the bedside.

A year after my father died, I began Reiki training. It has been his gift to me…and my gift to him.

Giving Back as a Hospice Volunteer
After spending some time doing Reiki for West Suburban Hospice, I realized the amazing gifts Reiki healing offers people as they are nearing the end of their physical life. Pain management, stress relief and emotional support are the main focus…but deeper spiritual understanding and acceptance of this life phase are the true gift that Reiki offers.

hospiceMy first experience with Reiki was with a man in a nursing home, suffering from a lung disease. I spent over six months with him. At first we were so pleased that his pain medications were lessened. Later, from his lack of moving around, the Reiki was a welcomed relief for sore joints and muscles that weren’t getting enough use. But most importantly, a feeling of peacefulness on an emotional level was what he most looked forward to. Oftentimes, family members would stay in the room while we meditated and basked in the warmth of Reiki energy.

A completely different experience was had with a woman who was already in a coma and very close to death when I first visited her. Her daughter stayed with us as I sent Reiki to her. Although she never woke, she reacted to the energy work and most importantly, communicated on a higher level with her daughter. I believe there was some deep healing of mother and daughter at that time. I returned once more before her death, and again the relaxation and spiritual connection was the gift that Reiki brought to both the patient and her daughter.

Healing is not always about returning to perfect physical health. Before we transition it is often more important to do emotional healing of one’s self or with family members. Spiritual connecting and understanding of this life phase may be what’s most important.