Reiki Pre & Post Natal

Reiki during pregnancy is a gift you give yourself and your unborn child. It is beneficial for both mother and baby and helps prepare you both for the birth.

pg150228Sometimes, deep relaxation is the biggest benefit, especially during the third trimester when sleeping is often interrupted. Many mothers feel like they just had a good night’s rest after a treatment. This helps to keep the immune system strong, which is so important at this time.
Often times, the spiritual link between mother and baby are strengthened, and a strong sense of “knowing” your child or receiving messages from them occurs. I have found that some of the music that I use during a Reiki treatment is recognized and used for calming after the baby is born.

In my sessions, I also will teach you some meditations to be used during labor and at the time of the birth. I will also discuss techniques to use directly after the birth, when most of the energetic focus is on the child, leaving mom with a feeling of “loss”. These meditations have been found to be helpful to ward off postpartum effects.

baby220204After the birth, I also work with Moxa – an herb that is burned near the lower back and lower abdomen. Moxa has been found to help contract the uterus and aid in returning it to its normal state. It also helps to relieve back stress from delivery.

Should you find yourself in the situation of a premature birth, or your baby needs to be hospitalized for any reason – I am also available to do Reiki at the hospital. Many blessing to you and enjoy this very special time!!!!